Monumeric reference manual

1. What is Monumeric?

Monumeric is a simple Glade# frontend for the Libregresion library. It can be use as a workshop calculator for physics students as well as other science students.

The Libregresion library is a pure Mono (.NET) assembly with a set of methods to help you develop quick free educational programs for science and engineering students.

2. What is the license of Monumeric?

The Monumeric project uses several licenses for its components. The core assembly, Libregresion is GNU Lesser Public License, although it will probably change to GNU General Public License at some time. The Monumeric GUI is under the GNU General Public License. The documentation is under the GFDL.

3. Where can I get Monumeric?

The project's page is at

4. Credits

All the code, documentation, etc has been written by Jaime Anguiano Olarra based on the great methods developed by Gauss, Seidel, Lagrange, Jordan... The little monkey face icon has been taken from the Mono Project contributors page.