MoNumeric is a simple Gtk# frontend for the libregresion numeric library. The library and programs coming with it aim to help physics students and other science/engineering alumni to do their calculations easier than I had.

libregresionThe library with the numerical functions.LGPL v2.0
regresionThe library has its own Main routine that can be used to run the program in the console. This program is just the library compiled as .NET/Mono executable. By default this is not done at this moment. You have to compile the appropiate target available in the Makefile. GPL v2.0
monumericA GUI application written in Gtk#/GNOME# that using Glade# makes really confortable to use the library. GPL v2.0
DocumentationDocumentation for the library and the GUI. GFDL

If you need help, want to report bugs or contribute please write to


You can download MoNumeric's code and binaries from here

Some screenshots


Screenshots might be a little updated in some cases although the interface pretends to be consistent. Please send me links to your own screenshots and I will update these. The look and feel will vary depending on the GTK+ theme you are using.

MoNumeric doing a simple linear regresion.

MoNumeric solving a real world interpolation. The routine is based on Lagrange's method.

MoNumeric solving a linear system by the Gauss-Seidel method.

MoNumeric calcultating the inverse of a matrix.

MoNumeric can launch GNOME Calcultator as a helping module.

MoNumeric showing the plot of a linear regresion.

MoNumeric can save and autosave data as text files.

The console version of the program.

Notes and known bugs

0002Plot's are under development. Actually we cannot print the regresion lines as the canvas has problems with it now. As GNOME# Canvas is ok printing lines and I become familiar with it we will have much better plots.
0003This is a wish and not a bug. Integrations will be supported too, and probably more and more functions.