GNOME Artificial Intelligence Interface


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The GNOME Artificial Intelligence Interface is an effort to enhance the GNOME Desktop behavior using Artificial Intelligence technics (1). Some of the improvements the user will see are:
  • Personalized profile: A wizard will let the user create a profile that the system will use as starting point to learn the user's interests. This will allow a first personalization based on predefined sets of preferences (2).
  • Configuration daemon: A daemon will be listening the calls the user does to the desktop as launching windows, selecting fonts, themes and so on. In a similar way as Devil's Pie does. The difference here is that Devil's Pie, actually, is doing it in a 'per hand selected preferences basis', but we will provide a general interface that will allow using several methods for computing the 'best-fit' solution.
  • Library for best-fit computations: Having this interface to abstract the GNOME Desktop internals it will be very easy for AI developers and UI designers to test their candidate functions (and designs, respectively), by creating library routines managed by the libgnomeAII main library or by creating profiles (XML) managed by either the daemon or the library.

(1) The Artificial Intelligence technics used in the project are not focused in any special area of AI. The original idea of the project was provided to me by J.J.Merelo ( He thought of improving the GNOME Desktop behaviour with Genetic Algorithms. At that time I did know anything about AI but I though it was a great idea. After working on it a little since then I think GAs might not be the best solution for the problem and since I don't need to investigate on them for selfstanding, I have choosen to separate the computation of best-fit values from the other layers. See the developers documents for more information on the architecture.

(2) For example. Imagine you are an office employee and you just use GNOME for that purpose. Then you could select the office profile from the wizard, select some other options so the system can learn a little bit more about your personality and then it will reconfigure the desktop so office applications will appear in the firts level menu of the panel as well as launchers in the panel. Any complicated applets, etc, will disappear... gdesklets useful for your profile (such as the calendar, will appear, etc).

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